NUJS Campus


NUJS campus is located in the Salt Lake city of Kolkata overlooking the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. The campus is well connected to the railway stations in Kolkata, the Kolkata airport and other well known destinations in Kolkata such as Park Street and Victoria Memorial. The NUJS campus is spread over an area of five acres of land comprising of an academic block, the halls of residence and a few flats for the faculties. The campus also has a guest house and a gymnasium for the students and the staff and faculties of NUJS. The latest addition to the NUJS infrastructure is its own auditorium. NUJS has built its own auditorium, on campus, with all modern facilities. The last convocation of NUJS was held in the new auditorium in February 2009.

The academic block of the campus has the NUJS library; two fully air conditioned conference rooms; two huge lecture theatres; offices of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar; offices of the faculty members and staff; LL.B and LL.M classrooms; and a canteen. NUJS provides several facilities to its students and faculties and is continuously striving to improve upon many of the existing facilities and add new facilities. NUJS students have access to computer and internet services in the library along with photocopying and printing services. Students and faculties have access to major legal databases such as Heinonline, Westlaw, Lexis Nexis, Manupatra and other databases. The University is working towards getting other databases as well to boost its research infrastructure.

Each faculty member of NUJS has an independent desk/work station, access to a personal computer/laptop and internet facilities in their respective offices. The faculty members also have adequate storage space and access to other desk services such as printing and intercom services in their offices. These facilities would get a major boost once the entire networking of the campus is completed, a process which is already underway with the help of ERNET.


The University Central Library occupies a central location commanding a spectacular view of the quadrangle and hostels. The reading room is spread over 758 sq. metres of floorspace, providing 400 seats. As of 2009, the Library has a collection of over 14000 titles and more than 5000 volumes of bound periodicals as well a sizeable collection of electronic materials in CD-ROMs and legal databases providing online access via major legal platforms including SCC, Grand Jurix, Heinonline, Westalw, Lexis Nexis, and Manupatra online. The NUJS library has also acquired complete sets of Public Law, Law Quarterly Review, yearbook of Commercial Arbitration, Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal and Antitrust Law Journal. As an integral component of the academic programs, the Library supports the University's teaching and research. From the humble initiatives on 1 June, 2000, there has been rapid growth in the collection at par with the giant strides the university took in the last nine years of its existence.

Currently the library subscribes to 124 journals including top-notch international publications - Journal of World Trade, American Journal of International Law, International Legal Materials, Economist & Time to name a few. The library archives hold the complete set of All England Law Reports from 1558 to date, All India Reports 1920 onwards, Fleet Street Reports, US Supreme Court Reports and other equally noteworthy collections. It has also been enriched by donations from renowned personalities and organizations, the most significant being the invaluable manuscripts and commentary on the Constitution of India of Late Justice Durgadas Basu. Internet access is available in the library on 21 machines and the library is wi-fi enabled allowing students and faculties to access the net and online databases subscribed to by the University from their own laptops.

In addition to the central library, there are specialized collections held at the various schools and Centres of studies open to access by students. The library holds institutional membership with the British Council and the American Information Resource Center, enabling students to access their collections and databases. Tertiary facilities like photocopying, printing and internet facilities are available within the library.    Read More on the Library.

Halls of Residence

NUJS provides separate halls of residence for boys and girls. Both the halls of residence, put together, can accommodate up to 500 students. The halls of residence have mess facilities as well, which is managed by a mess committee comprising of students. The halls of residence also have a common dining area with a television and other sporting facilities. The Registrar of the University is the Chief Warden of the Halls of Residence followed by a resident Warden in charge. Apart from this, the boy’s hall of residence has two resident Wardens and the girl’s hall of residence has one resident Warden. The Wardens are responsible for the day to day matters related to discipline in the hostel along with other issues such as room allocation. All the housekeeping, construction and building/room maintenance work in the Halls of Residence is managed by the Campus Supervisor of NUJS.

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