NUJS Law Review

The NUJS Law Review is the flagship journal of the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. It was launched in 2008 as a quarterly law review and is run by a Board of Editors comprising of six Editors, who report to the Editor-in-Chief being the Vice Chancellor. The Law Review was launched as a realization of the fact that Universities, especially law universities, have responsibilities towards the society in which they exist and must be a source of information and guidance for the same. It has so far attracted a large number of contributions from students and academics from India and abroad.

The primary objective behind the inception of the NUJS Law Review is to provide a forum to writers, enabling them to voice their opinions about the visions and goals of the Indian society. Apart from that, the Law Review promotes and endeavours to foster a culture of serious academic research and writing amongst the students through a structured process of mentoring and supervision. It has an in-house writing and editing team of thirty-six Associate Members, comprising of students from the first year to the fifth year. The Editors undertake the task of mentoring Associate Members in honing their legal writing skills and preparing them as prospective editors. The NUJS Law Review also organizes the Annual NUJS Law Review Symposium seeking to address issues of contemporary relevance.

Journal of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Law

The Journal of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Law is an international, peer-reviewed Journal of the National University of Juridical Sciences, India. It is dedicated to pioneer legal scholarship in the field of telecommunication and broadcasting laws and addressing a global scholarly community. JTBL strives to publish relevant research on said disciplines. The Journal encourages deliberations on subjects of interdisciplinary nature and includes review of laws and policies involved in the field from around the globe. It is one of the first refereed Journal’s in the world to initiate a platform for scholarly writing and debate on the field of telecommunication and broadcasting. The Journal’s first issue is due to be published in July, 2012.

Journal of Indian Law and Society

The Journal of Indian Law and Society (formerly the 'Indian Juridical Review' and 'Juridical Review') is a bi-annual peer reviewed journal, run and edited entirely by the students and published by the Student Juridical Association.

The members of the Editorial Board have from its initiation seen the Journal of Indian Law and Society as a 'vehicle for change.' It is the journal's objectives to publish articles that inspire thought, challenge the unquestioned norm and demand a change in legal thought that requires such scrutiny. It is the journal's policy to publish articles of relevance to Indian law that have a direct nexus with contemporary issues of economic, political, legal and social significance.

Every preceding Editorial Board has been committed to achieving a higher literary standard with each edition. In the previous editions, the journal has been honoured with mention by the Honourable Speaker of the Lok Sabha (2004-09) Shri Somnath Chatterjee and has been the first student run Indian journal to find a place in the library of the International Court of Justice.

Asian Journal of Legal Education

The primary objective of the NUJS Legal Aid Society is to promote free legal aid and deliver legal services to the indigent people. In last few years, the Society has massively increased its activities and outreach. Today, it is recognized as an important institution for legal empowerment and research on issues involving legal aid, access to justice, and legal education in India. As a part its continuing extension, the Society has now undertaken an initiative to publish a Journal on legal education bi-annually. The Journal aspires to promote greater interest among legal academia and professionals to undertake serious academic research on issues involving pedagogy of law, social justice, and concerns for legal education in the globalised era in the Asian region. This Journal also aims to serve as a forum for legal educators and professionals who are engaged in experiments to make legal education and profession of law more meaningful and social justice oriented
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International Journal of Law and Policy Review

The 'International Journal of Law and Policy Review' (IJLPR) has been established in the year 2012 under the patronage of NUJS, the University founded by Prof Madhav Menon. The IJLPR is online e-journal and is managed by the School of Technology, Law and Development (STLD) of NUJS. The purpose of introducing this online e-journal is to reach widely to every reader interested in law and other disciplines, by way of open access system through internet and disseminate and share ideas and knowledge of law and legal development all over the world. Accordingly, the write up available to this e-journal is basically for educational purpose only and not for any commercial gain. This online e-journal is follower of Open Journal System (OJS) and would like to reach to its readers through electronic media only. This journal will not be issued in paper printed form. This strategy has been developed by the editorial committee after witnessing the global environmental condition. ISSN (O): 2278-3156

International Journal of Legal Studies & Research

The International Journal of legal Studies and Research (IJLSR) [ISSN (O): 2278-4764] is a biannual peer-reviewed scholastic electronic [e] journal affiliated to School of Technology, Law and Development (STLD) of WBNUJS, Kolkata. It has started its untried journey from the year 2012 and committed to publish the write ups which are at par with the international level academic work. The Journal aims to provide a platform for development of novel and analytical thinking in the fields of Law and Policy, written mainly by researcher, academician of the world those who belong to contemporary different fields of law. It has dedicated Editorial Advisory Board and other experts in different field of law. The journal has extensive image, being an international journal. Since it is a web journal, it has the benefit of keeping appropriateness of publication, nearness of reach and certainty of access. This journal will not be issued in paper printed form keeping into account the global environmental condition. One may refer to journal website [ ] to know in detail about submission policy and deadline of submission