Saurabh Bhattacharjee


  1. Master of Laws (LL.M.), 2008-2009, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, U.S.
  2. B.A. B.L. (Hons.) 2000-2005, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
Academic Honours
  1. Grotius Fellowship for the year 2008-09 from the University of Michigan Law School
  2. Certificates of Academic Merit for Outstanding Performance in 'Protection of Human Rights in International Law' and 'Comparative Constitutionalism with a Fundamental Rights Perspective' for the year 2008-2009 from the University of Michigan Law School
  3. Duttlal Jhunjhunawala Gold Medal for 'Best All-Round Male Student', 2005 from the NALSAR University of Law
  4. A.K. Ganguly Gold Medal for 'First Position in Administrative Law' NALSAR University of Law
  5. S.P. Chatterjee Gold Medal and Biological E Ltd. Gold Medal for 'Best Student in Environmental Law', NALSAR University of Law
  6. Lord's Foundation for Gold Medal for 'Best Student in Intellectual Property Rights Law', NALSAR University of Law
Professional Experience
  1. July to November 2009: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, National Law University, Jodhpur
  2. June 2005 to January 2008: Programme Coordinator, Civil The Other Media, New Delhi
    1. Assisted in campaigns on a broad-range of human rights issues including corporate accountability, refugee rights, enforced disappearance and national security laws.
Research and Publications
  • Situating the Right to Work in International Human Rights Law: An Agenda for the Protection of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Accepted for Publication by NUJS Law Review, Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2013
  • Looking Through the Prism of International Environment and Human Rights Law: International Civil Nuclear Liability Law and A Call for Indian Exceptionalism, International Journal of Nuclear Law, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp.276-291, 2012
  • Of Platitudes and Million Dollar Promises A Critique of Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resetllement Bill 2011, Journal of Indian Law and Society (co-authored), 3 (WINTER) JILS 2011: pp. 29-66
  • From Basel to Hong Kong: International Environmental Regulation of Ship-Recycling Takes One Step Forward and Two Steps Back, 1 (2) TRADE L. & DEV. 193 (2009)
  • Wrote 3 Units (8000 words each) of Course Content on Environment and the Law, Land Acquisition Laws and Special Security Laws for the Undergraduate Diploma Course on Para Legal Work, School of Law, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, August 2008
  • India Needs a Refugee Law, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 43, No. 9, March 1 2008
  • Bargaining Lives: A Critique of POSCO Special Economic Zone MoU (co-authored), Combat Law, Vol. 6, Issue 6, Nov-Dec. 2007
  • Gurgaon Honda Workers Carnage: A Tale of Corporate State Nexus, published in Revolutionary Democracy, Vol. XI, No.2, September 2005
  • The Fundamentals of the Right to Vote and its Constitutional Status published in NALSAR Student Law Review, Vol. I, 2005.
  • Poverty as Embarrassment- A Critique of State Responses and Responsibilities to Vagrancy, (co-authored), published in NALSAR Student Law Review, Vol. I, 2005.
  • Secularism and Judicial Interpretation in India, (co-authored), published in Combat Law, Vol.2, Issue 4, October 2003
Papers and Reports Presented in Conferences
  • Assisted in the compilation of a Background Paper on the 'Right to Work for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers' for the 5th Michigan Colloquium on International Refugee Law, University of Michigan Law School, November 13-15 2009
  • Presented a Paper on Ship-Breaking and Indian Environmental Law: A Case of Disengagement with Basel Convention Framework, in a Seminar on Emerging Trends in Indian and International Environmental Law, Indian Society of International Law, 12th July 2006.
  • Background Dossier for a Seminar on Shwe Gas Project: Implications for Burma and India, organized on 17-18 April 2006, Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi
  • Report on Accords, Peace Processes and Prospect of Civil Society Peace Initiatives, for a Seminar on the same topic, organized by the North East Peoples Peace Initiatives, Guwahati, September, 2005
  • Presented a Paper on Right to Privacy and the Right to Information: A Contradiction? during a Seminar on The Constitutional Right to Privacy, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, 18th April, 2003.
  • Documentation Report for the Seminar on E-Governance and Administrative Law: Redefining Technology, NALSAR University of Law, 28th September, 2002


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