Jasmine Joseph (On Leave)


PHONE NUMBER: 033 233 57379 (3060)

SCHOOL OR CENTER: School of Private Laws and Comparative Jurisprudence


  • Case note
  1. "We the People", 'People's Will' and the ' Common Man'- Case Comment on Rameswar Prasad v. Union of India, in Vol. III: 2006 Indian Juridical Review, p104
  • Book review
  1. 'Marx, Law and Justice', Upendra Baxi, Review published in Cochin University Law Review 1996 Vol. XX p 223
  2. 'The Constitution of India: Popular Sovereignty and Democratic Transformations, Sarbani Sen. New Delhi, Review published in Vol. IV: 2008 Indian Juridical Review, p 112
  • Edited
  1. Jasmine Joseph (ed.) Sri Lanka's Dysfunctional Criminal Justice System (Asian Human Rights Commission, 2007).
  • 'Dexterity of Law and Judiciary as a Legitimising Entity: A Comparative perspective of India and EU' in International Conference on Law and Cultural Diversity, jointly organised by University of Leipzig, Germany & National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, in March 2008
  • 'Implementation of Pre-Conception, Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques [Prevention and Regulation] Act, 1994' in a regional workshop organised by the National Women's Commission of India in February 2006
  • A Critique of Mental Health Act' in a national colloquium organized by ANJALI, an NGO, in August 2005
  • 'Access to Health Care Services' in a National Seminar on Health, Law and Ethics organised by the Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata in June 2005. The paper is authored with Ms. Meena Panicker

LL.B - Interpretation of Statute, Election Law
LL.M - Legal Theory


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