Dr. Anirban Mazumdar

Anirban Mazumdar



Mr. Mazumder, a graduate from Calcutta University, has done his LL.B. from Burdwan University. He went on to do his LL.M. from National Law School of India University, Bangalore and M Phil from National University of Juridical Sciences, Calcutta. He has been awarded Ph.D by National University of Juridical Sciences, Calcutta.

He specializes on Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology Law and offers these subjects both in undergraduate and post graduate level. Mr. Mazumder, a Fellow of the Max Plank Institute for Intellectual Property, Munich; has been a Visiting Scholar at the Touro Law School, New York University, and Cardiff University. He has also been a Cegla Scholar at the Tel Aviv University, Israel.

He is a Visiting Professor of West Bengal University of Technology, Institute of Pharmaceutical Research & Health Care Management, Institute of Engineering and Management, Calcutta Business School and International Management Institute.

PUBLICATIONS (Representative):

  • Secularism at Crossroad, Indian Bar Review, Vol.XXIV, 1997, P.147.
  • Legal Implication of Electronic Commerce - Indian Bar Review - Vol. XXVI, 1999, P.117.
  • Anti Cyber Crime Legislation - Corporate Law Cases, August, 2004.
  • Database, Internet and Intellectual Property Law - Indian Juridical Review - Vol.2, 2005, P.1.
  • "Anomalies in Copyright Law" - The Journal of World Intellectual Property, 2006, Vol. 9, No. 6, pp 654-672.
  • "Global Patent Regime: Legal Fiction or Future Reality", Global Administrative Law : South Asia Dialogue Series, Institute For International Law and Justice, New York University School of Law.
  • Information, Copyright and Future, 2007 European Intellectual Property Review 180
  • Moral Rights: Principles, Practice and New Technology, Mira T. Sundara Rajan, Book Review, 4 NUJS L. Rev. (2011).


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